Litany of the Craftsman

I am a craftsman.

I seek to master my craft.

My worth as a craftsman is determined by my level of mastery in my craft.

I can increase my mastery in my craft with deliberate, focused practice or by instruction from someone who has achieved more mastery than I.

Mastery of my craft is not a single state, but a lifelong quest. I can always improve my craft. I must be directed and thoughtful about determining the most important way to improve my craft next.

I cannot improve my craft if I am unwilling to see flaws in it. I must have the humility needed to accept criticism.

I must work every day to master my craft; I can never tire or wait for a more opportune time. I must be relentless in my attempt to master my craft.

I cannot always control how effectively I master my craft, but I can always control how much time I devote to mastering it.

I must accept no limit to my abilities in my craft; my ability to master my craft is bound only by my willingness to master it.

I will face many challenges as I attempt to master my craft. At times, I will fear failure and want to give up. But I will surpass these challenges as necessary steps towards mastery. I will never give up.

I will master my craft.

I am a craftsman.

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